Growing Old With Rock and Roll

Growing Old With Rock and Roll

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quantum Split - America (2017)

Written by William Elgin, posted by blog admin

The initial release from Qauntum Split, America, is a two song outing bearing the fruit of friendships first formed at the renowned Berklee College of Music. Vocalist/guitarist Soleil Laurent joined forces with fellow classmates Anthony Anderson, Adrian Reed, and Ivan Hardy to form a serious musical outfit that not only vented their considerable musical talents, but provided them an ideal platform for making personal statements important to them. Their debut release benefits immensely from a high quality production job highlighting the band’s multitude of strengths and giving them the sort of presentation first time acts normally only dream of. It is apparent, even after a single listen, this is a band united in their creative vision and possesses a rare sympathetic union of spirit reaching far beyond the benchmarks many new acts need to reach to make maximum possible impact.

The title track alternates between sly, slinky neo-funk moods, carried primarily by tasteful guitar and inventive drumming, and all out blasts of raucous electric guitar. Vocalist Laurent shows impressive versatility with her ability to freely move between these contrasting styles while ceding none of her power or credibility. Quantum Split is clearly a band who understands the value of dynamics. The movement between its more pensive and explosive sections is seamlessly carried off and makes for a dramatic arrangement. The lyrical content reaches a similarly high level without ever becoming too self-important. A song entitled “America” might seem like it promises either inarticulate punk rage or else some self-important musings on the state of the Republic, but “America” here doesn’t over-indulge in either characteristic and, instead, resounds with the sort of intelligence we expect based on the musical arrangement alone. This is a band clearly capable of surprise and the title track hits that mark quite solidly.

The second track “Runaway” continues in much of the same rock/soul vein as the title cut, but there’s a much greater emphasis here on the personal as opposed to larger ideas about country and our place in it. Quantum Split, obviously, varies their sound some, but they follow the same general template for this track that listeners hear on the title cut. It doesn’t end up sounding samey at all. It is, instead, quite clear that the band has a style they’ve already honed to a sharp edge and it cuts deep into listeners on a first pass. America is an impressive first effort for the band and a clear indication they are talents to watch. Rock may not enjoy the same widespread popularity it once did, but don’t tell Quantum Split that. They seize upon the form with a vengeance and deliver a two song set that will dismiss any ideas about a dead art form. This is modern rock music with a compelling presentation and an unbowed spirit.

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